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PariBusiness Milestones

PariBusiness is established in 1984 as an industrial building and trade company in Istanbul. Founder of the company, as a construction engineer, is successfully completed high-scale projects in the planned time. The company is expertise to built in such specialities as hospital, education, convention, business and industrial buildings in different regions.


Positioning and operating as a pioneer in the sector, the company is gained considerable prestige. The company has began to serve in various fields; real estate and property investment in 1996, and international commerce and automotive industry in 2000.


PariBusiness has continued to expand its business service operations, as a model of excellence by providing sustainable and innovative solutions to clients, to a business information and operation management in 2002. 

PariBusiness Know-How

The investment of a knowledge helps us to advance the practice of the management. We serve the clients in a wide range of sector organisations in the worldwide. Besides, we achieve more than 20 awards in our sectors. We attend as an exhibitor to the sectoral fairs and organisations to meet the clients one-to-one.


PariBusiness management team is highly educated and experienced in business information management, international commerce, financial credit line, project operating, business operations and consulting, retails, events & organisations and strategic marketing as well as including to these topics, we provide operational services at construction, automotive, real estate and property, architecture and professional studio photography. Our expert team is consulting at the business start-up, operations and transformations of the companies. We are proud to take part in organisations, seminars, fairs, events and TV programs as a professional speakers.


Thus, we serve the clients in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Turkish. In order to supply a dynamic service excluding the Istanbul offices, studios and warehouses, our network is worldwide including strategic partners. In addition to this services, we manage the process with solution partners in Europe Region; in London Britain, Paris France, Barcelona Spain, Brussels Belgium, Frankfurt Germany, Zurich Switzerland, Milan Italy, Rome Italy and Budapest Hungary, Talinn Estonia, in Asia and Gulf Region; Tbilisi Georgia, Doha Qatar, Dubai UAE, Beijing China, Hong Kong and in United States of America; Los Angeles California and Sarasota Florida.

PariBusiness Vision


PariBusiness, as a culture, provides outstanding and unique client service through the quality of our people.


We design the client companies to improve the business performance and efficiency. Our aim is to be most preferred and trustable company in our business and to be a strategic partner of the company, considering the social emotions and the culture, adding and creating social value in order to reflect the feeling to the clients. 


PariBusiness adds value, as a perspective,  to "Business Information Management".


 PariBusiness History 

PariBusiness Management Team
Sertuğ İplik,
Business Management

Bilkent University, Business Information Management

Experienced in International Business Management:

  • International Commerce, Business Management

  • Automotive Industry, Awarded 

  • Constructıon Industry, Project Management

  • Real Estate and Property Consultancy

  • Business Information Management 

  • Finance and Investment Management

  • Communicate in English, French, Italian, Turkish

Cem Eltutar,
Business Development 


Royal College of Art Ph.D, Automotive Systems

Cranfield University MBA, Automotive Engineering 

Koc University, Mechanical Engineering

Experienced in International Corporate Business:

  • Hitachi Capital, Business Management

  • Creoqode 2048 

  • Investment and Finance Management

  • Performance Car Automotive, Operational Service 

  • Communicate in French, English, Turkish

Can Özkan,
Business Commerce


Sorbonne Paris 8 University, Master 2 "International Trade

and Export Marketing"

Sorbonne University, Business Administration

Experienced in International Corporate Business:

  • Licensed Expert in "Customs and Transportation" 

  • Atexa, International Commerce

  • Accomodation sector, Operational Service

  • Marine Sector, Project Management

  • Communicate in French, English, Turkish


Beliz Geçginer,
Business Development 


Bilgi University, MA Public Relations and Corporate Communication

BA, Business Administration

Experienced in Corporate Business:

  • Abraaj Group

  • Levi Strauss CO.

  • Unilever

  • Human Resources Projects

  • Communicate in English, Turkish


Betül Naziksoy,
Business Relations


Istanbul University, Economics

Experienced in International Corporate Business:

  • Customer Relations Management

  • Loyalty Management

  • Sales & Marketing Management, Turkey and Eastern Europe

  • Event Management, Global Organizations

  • Project Management, Food and Beverage Sector

  • E-Commerce, B2B and B2C Sales

  • Communicate in English, Italian, Turkish

Tuğçe İplik, 
Business Operations 

Bilgi University MBA, Business Administration

Yeditepe University, Translation and Interpreting

Experienced in International Corporate Business:

  • Bank of Georgia

  • APCO Worldwide

  • Roland Berger Consultants

  • The Boston Consulting Group

  • ES Interpreting

  • Human Resources Projects

  • Communicate in English, Italian, Turkish​​

Elif Tuncel,
Media Projects 


London College of Arts 

Yeditepe University Faculty of Arts

Experienced in Media Business:

  • Lecturer in Academies

  • Project Development and Management

  • Media Editor and Consultant

  • Educational Programmes

  • Communicate in English, Turkish

Benhur Arol,
Business Shipping Broker


International American University, 

International Trade

Experienced in International Shipping:

  • Expert in Shipping

  • Drybulk Specialist

  • RoRo-RoLo Shipment

  • Breakbulk-Project Transportation

  • International Business Development

  • Communicate in English, Turkish

PariBusiness is here to assist information.

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